Bloged in Design Notes by Steve Deckert Saturday June 24, 2006

The CSP2 is one of those things that comes from constant R&D. It started as a project one night to see if I could come up with a headphone amp that could replace the MLB. For a dedicated headphone amp, the MLB was at a price point that kept people who were not into headphones from trying it. I wanted to do some less expensive circuit designs and see what was possible. You see, I’ve heard magic in headphones - it requires a lot more than a cheep pair of headphones and a headphone jack. I know my customer base, and what they like. I know if they heard this magic I’m talking about they would embrace it. By doing so they would expand their audio experience in many wonderful ways. It’s a fact that it would improve the sound of their two speaker system because it’s such an excellent tool for hearing what the music is suppose to sound like.


I know why there are not more audiophiles into headphones. I was one of them - and being the type who is really taken by good sound stage depth I never particularly cared for that in your head imaging of headphones. Headphone enthusiasts will often remind you that “good” headphones are typically not like that and while partially correct, most fail to realize that it is in fact the headphone amplifier that makes the most difference.


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