Happy Birthday

Bloged in News by Steve Deckert Saturday November 11, 2006

This is the original Zen Triode Amplifier that put Decware on the map.  Still the most popular seller after almost 10 years!Today is the anniversary of the first Zen Triode amplifier ever built! November 11, 1994. We started offering them for sale in 1996. It’s now 2006, ten years have passed and we’ve hand built over 1100 of these amplifiers. It is a timeless treasure for sure. It embarrasses as many high dollar amps today as it did back then and will no doubt continue to do so long after we’re all dead!

Because of the price it is ideal for people wanting to get into tubes but looking for a shortcut.When you consider the fact that very few if any mass produced amplifiers at any price will compete with it, it’s like fast forwarding yourself ahead through about 5 years of flipping amps. It’s like putting thousands of dollars in your pocket, it’s like keeping life simple.


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