Mainstream Solid State vs. Underground Tube

Bloged in Reviews by Steve Deckert Friday December 21, 2007

i just connected the amp. Wow. I am speechless. I knew I had quite good system, but what I’m hearing now is unbelievable. It’s a new level for me. I have heard several good sounding systems, some of them an order of magnitude more expensive, but this leaves all of them far away behind a horizon.

Replacing my Krell KAV-400xi with your Zen amp was the best investment in audio equipment I’ve ever made.

Thank you. You just made my life better.

Kind regards,
Michal Chaniewski,
A lifelong Decware customer, starting from now.

How to save $600.00 off your first tube amp!

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Bloged in News by Steve Deckert Tuesday December 11, 2007

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