An Classic Amplifier Re-born!

Bloged in News by Steve Deckert Sunday February 10, 2008

Chassis for the new Zen amp were completed this week and I thought I’d give you a sneak peek!  I hope to have time in the next week to finish the first unit.  Then it’s on to the web site and people can start ordering again!

Production stopped on the original grey Zen amp (model SE84C)  after hitting number #1000.  With each one hand built the old-school way it only took 10 years, but have no fear this audio classic is not about to go away!  I’m excited to report that the amplifier has been improved for the next 10 year run!  The chassis has been stretched to accommodate the now standard world voltage compatible power transformer (which is larger) and the thickness of the steel chassis has doubled (and so the weight).  The volume control has been moved to the front and an extra set of input jacks has been added to accommodate two sources!  With a gloss black powder coat and vintage volume knob the amplifier maintains it’s classic appearance in a more attractive finish.  Internally the amplifier remains identical to it’s predecessor, because you really can’t improve something that is already perfect!

-Steve Deckert / Decware

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