Father Murphy effect when auditioning hi-fi.

Bloged in Acoustics, Blogs for Newbies by Steve Deckert Sunday August 16, 2009

A classic example of why auditioning hi-fi gear can’t tell you how it really sounds…

I had a customer drive in from out of state the other day to listen to our DM944 bookshelf speakers and the MG944 tower speakers. He arrived around 4:00 P.M. and after a brief chat I set up a pair of the MG944’s and explained how they were designed. I made a point of drawing his attention to the transmission lines characteristically tight and deep base response. I planned to use my DAC and the computer hard drive for the demo unless he wanted to hear his own CD’s. Since he wanted to hear his own CD’s I decided to use a CD player we were currently testing on the bench as a source.

He positioned himself on the couch and handed me the first CD, commenting that he knew it to have plenty of bass. (more…)

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