Decware's original loudspeaker design - Model HDT MK II

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  • 94 dB with 1 watt at 1 meter
  • 35Hz ~ 22kHz
  • 4 ohm nominal impedance
  • Crossover main drivers / none
  • 2 ~ 80 watts
  • Max SPL 115 dB
  • Size 13.5" wide, 13.5" deep, 39" high
  • Hardwood cabinet
  • Adjustable spikes
  • No Grill
  • 5 way recessed binding posts on rear
  • Isodynamic Planar Ribbon Tweeter
  • 8 inch cast frame/wool cone/butyl
  • Shipping weight 75 lbs. ea.
  • 5 years on drivers and cabinets
  • 30 day money back trial



Originated in 1980 this exotic cabinet design was the result of 6 years of obsessive development and became Steve Deckerts first loudspeaker.

23 years later it made it's first public debut configured around a Fostex FE206EM full range driver and named HDT (High Definition Towers).  It quickly developed a cult following with audiophiles using low power tube amps.

Resurfacing as the HDT Mk II it's now true to the original 2-way design.  The result when compared to its single driver sibling is a much warmer signature with significantly more weight.  Imaging, top end detail and the speaker's amazing disappearing act are all improved.  The overall signature is glass smooth throughout the midrange with no possibility for "single driver shout".

Due to the incredible complexity of the cabinet design these speakers have almost guaranteed bass performance in any room by delivering the low frequencies at multiple phase angles. They are the only speakers in the world that maintain bass output even when hooked up out-of-phase!

With an efficiency of 94dB and no crossover on the main drivers you can still enjoy them on low to medium powered amplifiers like your favorite SET.  However, it's really hard to make these speakers sound bad regardless of the electronics used and they'll easily handle more conventional high power amplification be it tube or solid state..

Standard finishes include natural walnut, cherry, maple, oak.  The picture on this page shows them in cherry. Custom finishes and or exotic hardwoods are also available for more money without the 30 day trial.

Standard finishes come with a 30 day money back guarantee.  If you don't like them for any reason you can return them for a complete refund less a 10% restock fee.  Our way of making it as easy as possible to audition speakers in your home for a minimal risk.

Design notes on the HDT cabinet are the same for both the HDT and HDT Mk II's.


ALL efficiency ratings are at 1 watt / 1 meter.  
This speaker is an excellent candidate for low power tube gear of 2 watts or more.



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