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e are pleased to add ZMF Headphones in Chicago Illinois to our offerings here at Decware!

ZMF's hand-built boutique headphones have long been a popular pairing with Decware's headphone amplifiers and the reason is that the headphones are as good at getting out of the way of the music as the amplifiers are. 

We would love nothing better than when someone buys our Taboo or CSP3 headphone amplifiers that they be able to really hear it in a natural, pure and musical way. We know ZMF does this so selling ZMF is simply going to make our amplifiers sound better.


- Steve Deckert

"Ohh, I'm not really a headphone guy... I like speakers.  I've tried headphones several times and prefer the imaging and 3D space a pair of loudspeakers can create... headphones don't do that."

This is the most common mistake audiophiles make and the reason why is two-fold;  A) The piece of equipment that had a headphone jack on it that you plugged your headphones into and B) The headphones themselves.

In the real world both A and B are usually mediocre at best and this doesn't work with headphones. Headphones are 1 inch away from your ear vs. 10 feet away like speakers. They are also almost mass-less making them many times faster than speakers.  With this resolution placed one inch away from your ear, everything has to be about 10 times better than normal because it's 10 times closer to you.

When an audiophile tries the typical headphone system, he finds the following objections:  Fatigue after an hour of listening, No real front to back imaging and either an artificially wide sound stage or music that sounds like it's coming from inside your head. These are the normal complaints and it's because of the quality of both A and B that so many audiophiles get this result.

Change A and B from mediocre to legendary and EVERYTHING CHANGES dramatically. Suddenly there is front to back imaging, a natural sound stage, an intimate liquidity that makes you want to keep the headphone on for hours which you can do because there is virtually no fatigue. It's a complete game changer when you have the right gear, and this is the right gear.

For those not blessed with the space or acoustics for a nice listening room this is a VIABLE alternative to regular floor standing speakers that leaves you unsure if you just made a compromise or an upgrade!

The Headphones

Available in Stained or "Burst" finish (shown)


The ZMF x Vibro MK II is the second iteration of our solid wood, bass port adjustable closed headphone. The Vibro MK II currently is made of beautiful cherry wood, which gives a warm, resolving and never boring sound.


Available in Zebrawood (shown) or Bocote


The closed ZMF Flagship.  The Blackwood utilizes exotic hardwoods and the ZMF driver mod to lower distortion and give you a neutral headphone with a sub-bass boost. The closed headphone choice of many because of its versatility and natural engaging tone.


Available in several woods.


The ZMF Ori is the Flagship of the ZMF planar line.  Meticulously designed for beauty and function, the Ori is a semi-open design that true to its name, does everything well. A full sweet sound with great detail retrieval,  smooth mids and extended treble. A true heirloom built just for you.


Available in Cherry (shown) or Padauk


The ZMF Atticus represents the pinnacle of the "Classic" ZMF sound what started in 2012 with the ZMF Master Model. By using all proprietary parts the sound they were originally after was fully achieved. This model has full impactful bass, lush mids, and smooth resolving treble.  It's fun, engaging, detailed and musical.


Available in Padauk (shown) or Cherry


The ZMF flagship. It features our proprietary headphone design, and the ZMF Bio-cellulose driver which utilizes the highest quality materials and design to create a linear, powerful, dynamic and super resolving sound centered around the drivers ultra low distortion.  The Eikon is the ultimate headphone chameleon, it works great with all genre's with a punchy sound that is close to neutral, and fully musical.



The first three listed are 50 ohm planar headphones and are best served with the Taboo Mk IV headphone amplifier.

The last two listed are 300 ohm dynamic headphones which are served equally well with either our CSP3 OTL headphone amplifier OR our Taboo Mk IV.


These headphones come with some options that can be selected from within the shopping cart as you make your purchase. 

These include but are not limited to

Headphone Cable Type:  1/4 inch or 4 Pin XLR.
Wood Types: Different for different headphones.
Optional Pelican style hard case


Please allow 6 to 12 weeks for delivery of your hand built headphones.

Billing & Support

This headphone is hand built in the USA by ZMF Headphones and comes with their return policy, full warranty and support.

Try a pair of these in your own home for 14 days and if you're not completely tickled with the sound, send them back for a full refund less a 25% restock fee.


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