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  2.7 watts each

Hand made in the USA and sold Factory Direct with a
L i f e t i m e   W a r r a n t y  !



Made in USA with Lifetime warranty!


Decware started it's business in 1996 selling a single product called The Zen Triode Amplifier. This incredible design showed the world what's really possible with only 2 watts and remains the backbone of our company some 20 years later.

There are 3 models of our 2 watt series of Zen Triode amplifier. The basic model, an XLR balanced model, and this model, the SE84UFO3 which is unique because it consists of two individual amplifiers, one for each speaker.

These 'mono' amplifiers are essentially our basic model split in half, so there are no substantial gains in power because it's not about that ~ it's about transparency.

The term "transparency", which is a fancy adjective meaning "resolution", is practically owned by the Zen Triode design because it has only one capacitor and two resistors in the signal path. This is what gives music playback the vivid liquidity and 3D space that's actually locked away in most good recordings.

Appreciated in over 56 countries the basic model Zen Triode over the past 20 year has set a pretty high benchmark. These new mono-blocks simply nudge that benchmark a bit higher.

The way they do it is by actually fixing the incoming power that feeds the amplifier through the use of a vacuum tube regulator (shown below) not found in the other models.

This regulation is quite different in that rather than shunting power to ground to maintain a constant voltage or current, which in turn creates noise that must be filtered out, the Zen Triodes launch electrons through a gas that are collected and stored on a plate feeding a high voltage input stage.

The result of this series vacuum tube power supply is a complete blocking of power supply harmonics, noise, hash, grain, and spikes. Similar to pure DC from a battery but with more current.

This clean power allows the transparency of a Zen Triode to go deeper. You can get a similar effect from our basic model if you were to plug it into a $6500 power re-generator/conditioner with fan noise, more power cords etc.

In the Zen Triode, the clean power from the vacuum tube is only inches away from the input stage which uses it, and there are no connectors or plugs or circuit boards to complicate matters.

This is really the only way to make a perfect amplifier like our basic model better, which is to say just give it cleaner power and a bit more headroom by doubling and then separating the power supplies for each channel. 

These Mono's make it possible to place an amp near each speaker so that you can reduce the length of your speaker cable. Speaker cable is often a weak link in the chain, so the less of it you have, the deeper the listening experience will go with a Zen Triode Amplifier.

Steve Deckert / DECWARE

A Zen Triode is Point-to-Point wired throughout with no circuit boards

A Zen Triode has only two resistors, two tubes, one transformer and one capacitor in the signal path. That's the entire amplifier. 

In fact
a Zen Triode has only 11 Solder nodes between input and output jack making it infinitely simpler than even a single op-amp!

Shown below is a schematic of the op-amp shown above. It has
11 resistors and 24 transistors. In a Zen Triode the same thing is accomplished with 1 resistor and 1 tube. Too keep from failing the op amp has lots of negative feedback. A Zen Triode requires none and has none.

Each Zen Triode Mono has a high voltage supply that is 400% larger than required by all the tubes on board. 

In addition, they are built with our proprietary UFO output transformers which have a frequency response out to 70KHz.

Each amp has a gain control on the input.  There is also a pass-thru RCA output jack on each amplifier so that you can bi-amp your speakers without cabling headaches.

There is a speaker impedance switch to go between low and high impedance loudspeakers while music is playing so that you can determine by ear which is the best setting for your speakers.

Foil caps are used for maximum transparency with an organic feel.

Ships with Military Grade 6P15P-EB long life output tubes that are unbeatable at any price by EL84's which the amplifiers can also use.  6922 input stage.

Zen Triode Mono's shown in the standard Walnut base.

OPTIONAL KNOBS available on checkout

ebony knob, gold knob, black chicken head knob, cream chicken head knob, rosewood knob


You may read reviews on this design going back 21 years.

This amplifier requires no adjustments or maintenance other than changing tubes every couple years. It is a self biasing design and self balancing meaning even unmatched tubes become matched when installed.  The SV83 (6P15P-EV) or EL84 output tubes wired in triode were chosen over 300B, 2A3, 45, and other triodes for having the best sound and imaging.

Weight   17 lbs. ea.
Dimensions   8.0" H x 6.125" W x 12.0" D
Circuit type   Single ended Class A Triode
Power output   2.7 watts  RMS into 4 or 8 ohms
    Stable into 1 ohm speaker loads
Input voltage   2.0 volts for full output
Noise / Hum   Less   than 1.0 millivolts
Response   20 Hz ~ 80 kHz
Feedback   ZERO negative feedback used
Rectification   5U4G or 5AR4 or 5Y3GT/ tube rectification
Output tubes   SV83 or EL84/6BQ5
Signal tube   6N1P or the following alternates: 6922, 6Dj8, 6N23P,6H1N,6N5P
Transformers   Decware UFO wide bandwidth Ultra Fidelity Outputs
Biasing   Self-Biasing
Resistors   precision WW/MF by DALE, VISHAY
Signal Cap   Foil caps
AC cord   Removable power cord
Consumption   65 watts at full power
Input jacks   RCA type 24K Gold / Silver
Output jacks   5-way binding posts accept 10 gauge
Speaker dB/1w   89 dB minimum / 94 dB or higher is ideal for most rooms
Warranty   Lifetime to original owner


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Available in 120 or 240 volts.


Hand made in the USA and sold Factory Direct with a
L i f e t i m e   W a r r a n t y  !