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Hi Steve,

I have been wanting to write to you pertaining to my evaluations of the DSC-1.0 Silver/Teflon interconnects for a long time but have been too busy...

I have been using it for almost 13 weeks already and i want to tell U this cable is the best kept secret in the audiophile cable business. You can actually made a lot of money just selling this cable as it displaces very expensive and respectable cable brands.

In the beginning.......i could hear that it is a very good cable but did not realise what is in store 3 months down the road after burn-in. There is this magic in the high frequencies, beautiful soundstage and palpable quality of the vocalist voice that wants me to listen to my system more frequently each day.

My cables are all NBS and i still respect this brand highly.To be frank the DSC1.0 betters the NBS Signature and Omega IV interconnects such that my favourite cds some of which sound slightly harsh before(Linda Ronstadt's For Sentimental Reasons)now sounds smooth and involving.This cable in my system helps to narrow the gap that CD reproduction has been trailing phono playback and i am actually listening more to CDs at the moment as they have never sounded so beautiful before.

So much for all the positive attributes surely there must be negative aspects...well it ain't really  negative it is just that because it is unshielded the cable picks up a fair amount of interference that at times it sounds like fire crackers exploding.I understand the cable was designed unshielded as any shielding will dull out the inner details....but in my system i have no choice but to wrap the cable with aluminium foil to keep out the unwanted interference.

o So please advise how i can use the cable as it is unshielded or a better method of shielding the cable as currently it still picks up a very small amount of unwanted signals despite covering with aluminium foil.

o Would U advise against using longer than 1.0 metre for unshielded interconnects?(in situations where 1 metre is too short and 1.5 metre is required)

o Is the wire suitable for use as speaker cables sinceit is so transparent sounding?

I have finally found the cable that makes me wanting to listen to my system more  and forgeting the technicalities and need to upgrade.  Congratulations and Thank You for producing such a cable at a bargain price. This is surely making a mockery of the megabucks cables in the market.

Best Wishes.


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