DATE: AUG 1998


Thought I'd write and let you know what I think of the Zen Amp. I am running it directly from an Aragon DAC, using my Elite PD-65 as a transport. I have a pair of B&W 804 matrix speakers which are rated at 89db sensitivity. Before the ZEN I was using a pair of Quicksilver V4 mono blocks. What I have found is the ZEN has a very pure and natural sound to it. When it 'warms' up it just gets better. To be honest it did not grab my attention at first but then I put on some of my favorite classical stuff and went off to work in the other room when Beethoven's 4th piano concerto (3rd movement) came on. I stopped what I was doing. Came into the living room and played, then replayed the intro I don't know how many times. I can't explain what I was hearing, I only knew that little amp was doing it, and was doing it very well. My other equipment can't match the way horns sound, strings seem real to me. Since then I have listened to all kinds of music, I have not been disappointed. It drives the B&W speakers at a surprising level... I turn it down a lot to be honest, it depends on the recording. My speakers seem to disappear leaving only the music. Great sound stage. In comparison to the Quicksilver's which seem veiled and clinical to me; a friend thought the SE84A was much 'tighter', another simply said he thought the Zen was the way to go, and to sell the V4's. Every time I compare this amp with others I come back to it. It is sweet sounding music to my ears. I have boxed up the V4's and hope to sell them. Thanks Steve. I know of two others that are thinking Zen. They want me to let them take it home for a few days... we'll see.

Rick Duros

Rick Duros



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