Owner of the original SE84 sent it to us to have it revised to a SE84A



This thing is WAY more powerful now. I am very impressed. This is my current set up:

Zen amp (#26) upgraded to SE84a july 1998 Sony CA8ES CD Player Monster MCX speaker wire(Will bi wire when I get the KLF20's) AR tsw monitors Velodyne 8" powered subwoofer KLJ Solid Silver interconnect(Equivalent to Audioquest silver lapis) Monster RF400 series interconnect to subwoofer

The music is very clear without ever getting too bright. I am just amazed at the power from the one set of output tubes. This amp now has what it takes to make these AR's sing. The detail is amazing. Highs are incredibly clear now. I only have to use my subwoofer when I really want to hammer out the music. In normal listening, the AR's now put out enough bass to make me pleased. I am especially amazed how quick the set up is now for jazz, and how clear vocals are - especially in the upper ranges. I have an Ottmar Liebert rumba album(all accoustic with some fretless bass) that just sounds incredible on this system now.

The strings snap and twang and resonate so naturally, I feel like I am there. I truly want to thank you, Steve. I never believed I could get such quality musicality for such a reasonable investment.

Oh, BTW, I highly suggest you give a listen to the KLJ interconnects. At 129$/m(slightly more for balanced, I believe) they seem to be a steal for solid silver wiring. They outshine my monster refrences at the same price range. I actually gave them to my brother after hearing the KLJ's. Kevin Johnson of KLJ technologies can be reached at: This system sounds so good, I may just stick with my current set up for a while. I know I can get better midrange out of the KLF20's, though. And, hell, you just can't stick with the same set up for much more than a couple months anyways. Isn't there some law against not upgrading within a certain amount of time? :) Wes Y. Keller P.S. I am listening to my system as I write this, and I can't help but comment on how clear the music is. It's wonderful. I can't thank you enough for such a noble pursuit.





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