DATE: OCT 1998

Hi Steve,

It's Boon Chong here. I received my Zen Amp a couple days ago, and I must express my gratitude to you for making such a wonderful amp. I revisited your web site, and noticed that you have made another revision on the Zen Amp again. I just wonder is my Zen a B or A version. Currently I hooked the Zen through a DIY Marantz 7 to power a pair of nht 2.5i, not loud though, but the lower bass details were better than my previous DIY Marantz 7 and Yamaha 2092 combo. The speaker efficiency is only 86 db, but the Marantz high db gain stage, help a lot to let the Zen to do its best job. My interconnects are not those fancy and expensive type, just a pair of nordost black knight and Acoustic Research interconnect. I am thinking of purchasing another Zen to make a mono bloc combo, I need to confirm is my current Zen a B or A version, and is there any other things that I need to mono them. I am also thinking of a pair of Lowther (PCMC6 or DX3 or the future DX4 driver) Accosta 90 mini tower in the future, has any of your Zen client uses it on any Lowther b4.

Once again, thank you for making such a wonderful amp.

Boon Chong







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