DATE: September 1998


I've now owned my SE84 for about 4 weeks now and it has a burn in time of about 130 Hrs.

What my wife and I would like to say is that this amp has the sound properties to create emotion! What I mean is that when we listen to our favorite music, It has at times, brought tears to our eye's due to the detail and placement of sound this amp reproduces.

I'm currently using Klipsch KSF 8.5 series speakers which are 95db efficient.Your amp has definitely the sound to invoke a new founded love for the (Tube) sound. I recently compared the sound of this amp with a Yamaha 400 watt transistor amp on Polk Audio top of the line speakers at about 88 db's of efficiency. First noticeable sound was depth of field then the detail kicked in! Man.....He was so blown away it hurt. I was in glory that night!!!

That pretty much sums up my like for this little bundle of joy! I hope this convinces skeptical owners that sometimes less is more!

Tim Hengels, Mundelein Il.




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