Hi Steve.

I wanted to drop a quick line to compliment you on offering the Zen Triode Power Amp that I now own. I remember commeting to you when ordering that this amp seems to find many people emotionally addicted judging from the testimonials you have online. Well, toss me in!!! The qualities of this amp matched closely what I wanted. Detail, rhythem, spatial texture and more all combine to make for a great listening experience.

Your description of the expectations given a 10 watt amp were also well stated. My 13 by 11 foot room is amply filled. If you want a party machine, you wouldn't appreciate this amp anyway. Although a few people did ask 'what the hell did you buy??" upon looking at this demure project box with tubes, a flick of the switch, a spin of a CD and I had converts...... I will be watching closely to see what other rabbits you pull out of your hat!!!

Thanks!! Grant Robinson

For reference, my system consists. of Arcam Alpha 7 CD player Zen Triode Amp.
Energy Connaseur C-6 Speakers (92db)





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