Date: Nov. 11 1997 - Michael S. Rabito

Dear Steve,

Thank you very much for letting me audition the SE84. In my system (which consists of an Audio Research LS3, an Audio Research CD-1, and C3L transmissionline 2 -way monitors) the SE84 in triode mode was as musical or more so than any other amp that I tried. It has good depth, great width, and tremendous sweetness in the upper midrange and high end.

I was very surprised at how full the bottom end was at low (70dB) levels. In my system, it is my subjective opinion that your amp sounded best at 3/4 on the potentiometer and in triode mode. Much of the "magic" was lost in my system in pentode mode.

I think the amp is built very well for the price and production runs (hand made!) Your goal, in my opionon, has been met. You have created an amp that for $500.00 sounds in my system as good or better at low levels as two AR mono blocks! You are one of the very few people out there who has his feet planted firmly on musical ground.

It is a shame I can't use this amp in my system due to efficiency problems with my speakers. I believe that your customers should have speakers of at least 93db 1w/1m. My Frieds claim to be 89-90 dB and are unfortunately just a little too inefficient. My room dimensions are 163" x 130".

Steve you have been an absolute gentleman. I wish you all the success in the world with your endeavor.

Thanks Again, Michael S. Rabito




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