Zen SE84C Review

Reviewed by: Bob,  an Audio Enthusiast from Mesa, AZ

July.  2002

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The Zen SE84C has turned my listening habbits around 180 degrees. I had an old MC60 Macintosh amp years ago. When all the SS amps were comming out with lots of power I switched to SS. I guess over the years the SS didn't do anything for me and I just stopped listening to music. I looked around listened to all I could. I even went to the VSAC show in Washington in '99. I thought the prices were outrageous. Then after lurking on the Decware forums for awhile I decided to give there amp a go. They give you a 30 day money back guarantee. What have I got to loose.
When I got the amp all I could say is gee this is cute. But the sound I heard from it was amazing. It was just the music nothing else. Then I started hearing a soundstage that is second to anything I had ever heard. The imaging from this little guy is pinpoint acurite.
But problem, it just didn't play as loud as I was used to listening to. Next step Decware Radial speakers. That got me closer to where I wanted to be. But still not enough, but I loved this little amp so much, for the price why not just buy another. I did and that is all I needed. But I find now, the amp has so much detail at any volume, that I'm listening at much lower levels than before. With SS amp I used to listen just passively, now I listen at least an hour every night seriously and passionately.
This is the best sounding amp I have ever heard. A few freinds after hearing mine bought one as well and there glad they did.
Don't let the price fool you this is a serious piece of audio eqpt. At the Decware forum under Steve Deckerts picture it says, "If the first watt sucks why continue". Now that just says it all!

sound stage / tranparency / tonal balance with out coloration/ it just play the music / price

typical SET power / It should be bigger to sound this good

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