Zen SE84C Review

Reviewed by: Kasboot,  an Audio Enthusiast from Mountain View, CA

April  2002

Product Model Year:

Unbelieveable clarity and transparency. Great bass for an SET amp. Not in the same league ,as far as the extreme low end is concerned, as some of the finer SS amps, but the clarity and detail in the midrange and high frequencies is amazing!. No edginess or brightness. Not colored like some tube amps. It will blow you away. I listen to Jazz, chamber music, and rock, and I have discovered a higher state of sound reproduction with these amps. The Classe and Moon amps I have auditioned do not even come close. I also have the mono blocks and they sound even better.

Detail, clarity, lack of harshness, eminently listenable, no ear fatigue, and incredibly musical where you lose yourself in the music.....(literally)

bass could be better, but it's an SET

Similar Products Used:
Classe, Proceed, ADA, Bel Canto Evo ( very disappointing), conrad johnson



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