Zen SE84C Review

Reviewed by: Najuch,  an Audio Enthusiast from Mass

Dec  2001

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These Amps are so nice I had to order the SV83 Signatures.
This is my review of the pair of SE84B's I purchased in 99 until the Siganatures came out. All great stuff!

DATE: March 7,1999

I would like to start off by explaining in part why I purchased 2 Zen SE84b Amps. I was directed to Steve’s site by a contributor in one of the forums on the Soundstage Audio Site. After reviewing the site and absorbing Steve’s philosophy on sound and giving pictorial descriptions of these ideas, I decided this guy has got something going here. So I purchased the 2 Zen SE84b Amps.

Well now, maybe the women know something us guys don’t. My wife commented how much better she liked these. I agreed of course. They started out a bit compressed but very detailed. The clarity, inner detail, rhythm and pace came out. They were really jaw dropping.

The third day I had them I must have played 30 CDs of various music I had been very familiar with. I could not believe what I was hearing. The detail, presentation, and ambiance were there as I have never heard in these recordings. The amps were opening up. I have heard various SETs (all very expensive and fancy too) before but not in my system. These really do compare to the sound quality of equipment costing many times over in price. I recently had people over and comments like “I have never heard music like that before” were made.

So this is the sound that the transistor guys have been after for the last 30 years. They still don't have it. Most of this relates to CD sound. CD sound tends to be a bit crisp, bright, and generally aggressive and annoying in various degrees. Not with these amps. They are detailed and smooth, with much depth and width--a very different presentation than a transistor amp. Shall I dare say more realistic. Drum skins and cymbals in vivid detail. Everything is dependent on your choice of speakers and efficiency. I am using Coincident Triumph Grand Signatures at 90db and rated minimum at seven watts. More than enough volume to fill my 11’X10’ room.

I have been into audio since the late 70s and never heard it so good in my system. It is an outstanding product and a worthwhile purchase. Now to check into that Pre amp Steve is working on.

Very detailed and musical

None, maybe spaeker Matching



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