Zen SE84C Review

Reviewed by: Lon, Audio Enthusiast, from Austin, TX

April  2001

Product Model Year:

The model I have is the Zen SE84C. You absolutely cannot go wrong with one of these amps. Even with lower efficiency speakers, the 5 watts per channel from this unit will surprise you with their volume. The bass output is weaker than what I like, but I was cautioned to expect this with a single ended triode amp. Perhaps an upgrade in speakers will go a long way in boosting the bass. There are no other negatives to speak of. Before deciding to purchase the Zen, I called Steve Deckert and he patiently answered every single question I had about the amp. He is a super nice guy, very easy to deal with, and he has the added bonus of having an amp to be extremely proud of. To everyone out there who still has any doubts about the Zen SE84C (this is the only one I have experience with), let me assure you that all of the positive reviews aren't just a bunch of hype. This amp works, and it works very well indeed. I can confidently say that you will not find a better amp anywhere for twice the price. Go for it!

Unbeatable value; low maintenance; tubes are easily obtainable and low cost

a little disappointing on bass; can achieve full performance only on high efficiency speakers



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