Zen SE84C Review

Reviewed by: Kelvin, Audio Enthusiast, from Onterio, CANADA

March  2001

Product Model Year:

Unlike many, I am not an Audiophile. I'm just a other Joe who likes good sound. As with most reviews here, they are long and technical. So if you want the technical side of why the Zen sounds so good, read other reviews.

I will be very honest. The Zen is a simple, no-fat amplifier. For less than $500 the Zen will TROUNCE most amplifiers 10X its price range.

1. Single ended triode
2. Relatively inexpensive to retube and maintain
3. High definition with great soundstage
4. Very clear signal path with no colouration
5. Self biasing and switch for different soundstage
6. No need for a preamp

1. It's not cosmetically appealing
2. Requires high efficiency speakers



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