Zen SE84C Review

Reviewed by: Reviewed by: G Leonard, Audio Enthusiast, from Kailua Hawaii

Jan  2001

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I bought the SE84CS after reading the reviews, and shortly after hearing an Audio Electronic Supply amp.

Currently I'm in the tinkering stage with it, as I have it hooked up to my studio rig which consists of a 12 channel Mackie mixing board and I'm firing a set of highly modified Cerwin Vega E-715 speakers (each one of them has an extra 15" speaker tacked onto the bottom of them, making them into two 15" cabs), which are rated about 102db.

Last night, I brought it in the house and hooked it up my Klipsch KLF-30's.

Efficiency being the key here, this amp rocks and has no probably driving the Klipsch's, or the CV's to healthy volumes- louder than what I would normally listen to music at, and even louder than what I would normally listen to music after drinking 3-4 Corona's..

Tell you what folks.. here's the key: Buy one. Get a nice efficient set of Klipsch's. Pull them out away from the wall, and do yourself a favor and save the money that you would waste on surround sound rigs. Or take that money and buy two of them (you can bridge them).

With this amp, you won't need surround sound.

Frightening what the presence is with this little amplifier. Your gonna love it, and it's the best $695 that you ever spent. Or buy the $495 SE84 version.. same power, same liquid sound, just less pretty in looks.

liquid mids and highs, really sharp bass, pleasant to the ears

none.. you can't beat it for twice the price..

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