SE84C Review

Reviewed by: Reviewed by: Pete, Audio Enthusiast, from Alanta, GA

Oct  2000

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I could not believe my ears when I heard this amp. It is fantastic! This is my first tube amp so I cannot compare it to other tubes but I can compare it to the Creek 4330 and Musical Design D150B/SP2B combo. It is superior to both by far. The level of detail and transparency is magical, almost scary. At only a few watts a channel I was initially concerned that it wouldn't play loud enough on my Reynaud Twin 90 db speakers. Well, they play plenty loud. My Mahavishnu Orchestra bootlegs were very happy.

Also, the customer service at High Fidelity Engineering(Decware) is second to none. They kept me updated on my order and answered all of my questions quickly.

I am thoughly pleased with my new amp. I will be a Decware customer for a long time. Check them out at


Detail, smoothness, and transparecy

Some might say it doesn't play loud enough but I like loud music it sounds pretty darn loud to me.

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