Zen SE84C Review

Reviewed by: Tom Schuman, Audio Enthusiast, from CT

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Steve Deckert has a good article on the 'speed' of systems on his website that make a lot of sense.
I have fooled around with sources with this amp and if you want to hear the difference between CD players, no better time to do it than with a Zen amp and efficient speakers.
A portable CD player sounds ok, up to its own "6" volume setting, then clips the Zen amp after that with its ragged output. The bass is not full and complete and satisfying from this player.
The EAD cd player I have has 2 very satisfying and musical volts output, and a great full range sound but sometimes not enough output to clip the amp.
The Monarchy 22c I'm trying has a huge output (between 3 and 6 volts from the fixed output, depending on an internal jumper setting), and the sound is GREAT!
In a small room there is some serious music making going on. The very controlled high output from this DAC makes it easy on the amp, I am guessing.
Thanks to the poster below for the link to the folded horn speaker.
There are lots of do it yourself kits around for speakers like this.
Other options are the Klipsch new RB-5 and RF-3 and RP -3 (powered) which I hear from their reviews sound great with the amp.
And there is Deckert's own DYI speaker which I haven't seen any reviews of (besides from him of course).
Enjoy (and don't neglect the source!)



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