Reviewed by: Fernando Lora, Audiophile from Santo Domingo.Dominican Republic

Price Paid: $1995 at High Fidelity Engineering

Product Model Year:

Very good product walking to excellence.In his category unbeatable champion.A great amplifier from a excellent builder with a promissory future (Steve Deckert).Only with a man use his intuition can produce something like that.I'm a proud owner of this exquisite product (SV83M's),without exaggeration is in truth extraordinary.Incredible bass for a single ended triode (very rare),very detailled,clear like crystal,and...sorry I can't find the appropriate word to describe his fabulous midrange and amazing soundstage.A REAL WINNER.ˇBelieve it!
Thanks to Steve Deckert to teach me about a real true LESS is MORE!
But,like nothing is perfect,a little amplifier(A GIANT KILLER!)made in Peoria,Il. by a little company without financial resources to open the doors of the big bussines of High End Empire,saddly for the fans of this activity.At the end,this language(english),is not my native language,sorry for my possible grammar mistakes.

clarity, great soundstage,detail

Patience to expect the long breaking period

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