Reviewed by: Anil, Audio Enthusiast from Bangladesh

Price Paid: $1995 at Decware

Product Model Year:

I just got the Zen SV83M's [I also have the Zen SE84CS for over a year now] and I can tell you that BOTH these amps are jaw-droppers! The pace and speed of the SV83 mono block amps is amazing, and even during the burning-in period they are doing a great job of driving my Lowther PM4A's. I am sure they will get even better in a month or so. The extra power is what I needed since I have the 15 ohm version of the PM4A. The SE83CS is good, but it did run out of steam when pushed hard. The SV83M's cannot be pushed to clipping even with the 15 ohm load, since the Lowthers are so efficient. I prefer the bias switch in the "normal" position, though it is fun to occasionally flip it into the "big" mode!

Comparing the SV83M's to the SE84CS, I do find that the monos are more dynamic whereas the SE84 is definitely more transparent and I presume that is because of the absolute purist approach in the amp's design topology [single driver tube per channel].




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