Zen SE84CS Review

Reviewed by: Reviewed by: Jim, Audio Enthusiast, from Oviedo, FL

Nov  2000

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About 6mo. ago I decided to improve my system. I currently had sony receiver and cd player, with JBL LX600 speakers, all close to 10yrs. old. When bought, thought sounded pretty good. I started shopping around and listening to "better" systems and found a set up I really liked. One problem, it was going to cost over 8,000 dollars! More than I had wanted to spend, but would've done piece by piece because I wanted to enjoy music again. Started exploring the net and found Decware High Fidelity Engineering. After talking with Steve Deckert and reading LOTS of reviews, I decided to try using his amp with my current system. That is th ONLY thing I changed in my system! I spent 500 dollars (which I could have gotten back if I didn't like amp!).

Now I have COMPLETELY different sound. I've "saved" 7,500 dollars and the only short coming I can see is my system doesn't play as loud as 8'000 dollars, but(and this is really important to me) I can hear things in my same cd's that I've NEVER heard before! One of my favorite cd's I've had for 12 years and with Zen I heard some backround instruments I've never heard before! My music is clearer, more lively, more engrossing and engaging than I ever thought possible without spending an arm and a leg. To sum up, if your looking to enjoy music again, give this amp a try! What can you lose? 30 day money back guarantee!


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