Reviewed by: John, Audio Enthusiast from Union, NJ

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i just got this amp yesterday i ordered it in kit form for around $400...and i got it assembled today and it worked perfect the minute i plugged it in and turned it on..I am impressed by the pure beauty and simplicity of the circuit...i kept telling myself "noway will this sound good" as i assembled it...but i was wrong...this little baby grabbed my Klipsch Fortes and took them for a spin like they never had...incredible sonics..lightening fast..best way i can describe the sound is realistic....lifelike..it drives my speakers with ample volume...but they won't slam with it...so i bought another one on ebay for $250 and when it arrives, i will monoblock them... i expect that will let the fortes do some slamming with my MP3 trance cuts...
Bottom line...the reviews on this amp are not exaggerated...this is an incredible little amp and if your speakers are fairly sensitive they will amaze you...

price, superior sonics

5 watts/channel

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