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Size:  9" wide x 14" deep x 42" high



The "Monoliths" aka DM947 loudspeakers consist of two cabinets. One cabinet is active and one cabinet is passive. The cabinets are decoupled from one another yet work together as a single speaker.

Two Cabinet Design - model DM947

The active part of the package is our DM945 bookshelf speaker which can also be purchased separately. The passive part of the package is a Decware Folded Horn that cleverly couples itself to the rear port of the bookshelf speaker. The result is profound performance increase across every category, the most noticeable being the bass response which now drops to 25Hz.

Consider this, one of the things people love about bookshelf speakers is the quick, tight bass response.  In the DM947, this is not only preserved but enhanced as the horn loading reduces how much the speaker cone moves. So the bass gets even tighter and drops almost a full octave lower.

What makes this unique is that you have the coherency of a single point source that goes all the way down to 25Hz without any bloat, overshoot, compression or audible distortion. The speed of the bass is perfectly matched unlike when additional woofers or subwoofers are used, so for the single driver low power  purist's of the world this is a very hard speaker to beat.

When you listen to this speaker you can expect a signature that's just slightly on the warm side of neutral with scale and density that will prove to any doubters that simpler is better. 


The DM947's develop a huge and tangible sound stage with the kind of believable speed and dynamics you usually only find in good electrostatics speakers like those huge panels in the picture.  This is possible because your amplifier is directly connected to the voice coil of a very low mass speaker without any crossover components to get in the way.

We make the comparison regularly as we play them along side our reference Acoustat Monitors with Decware modified servo-charged high voltage tube amps where the plates of the output tubes are directly connected to the large full range panels.

A large percentage of the time we find the Monoliths to actually sound better because they are so much more room friendly and maintain a more relaxed sweet spot. The large white Acoustat electrostatic panels shown above have 32 times the diaphragm area yet we hear almost no difference in density. Virtually everyone who comes in the above room thinks they are listening to the large panels when in fact they are listening to the DM947's driven by the Zen Mystery Amp.

Rear view shows binding post access and the rear existing horn mouth.


This loudspeaker is hand built in the USA by DECWARE / High Fidelity Engineering Co. It comes with a 5 year limited warranty to the original owner. 

We also have a support forum with many people who own our speakers who's experiences you may benefit from. 


You may read reviews on our products here.


Pictured in the sequence above is the construction of the DM947 Monoliths and a visual illustration of how the two components fit together.


SIZE:  9" wide x 14" deep x 42" high