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An article that explains where we're coming from.


See a 12 part video of a Zen amp being made!


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by Steve Deckert

A good article to start with is this one:



Why the SET & Efficient Speaker approach works
There's a reason why it sounds better.

The rest are listed with the newest ones on top

What is Sound
Steve returns in 2017 with a profound perspective on sound

Audiophile Home Theater
How to have serious 2 channel & 5.1 at the same time

Zen Open Baffle Speaker Project
Part V the Final Chapter.

Understanding "usable power"
Smaller amps can have greater dynamics?

New Decware Single Ended amplifier
Design notes of the Mini Torii SE.

I hate consumer grade digital logic!
Another short bit of real life.

Open Baffle Speaker exploration PART IV
The concept becomes a reality.

Open Baffle Speaker exploration PART III
The reality becomes the concept.

Fidelity / a Game of the Weakest Link
Do you know which link holds your system back the most?

Open Baffle Speaker exploration PART II
The concept becomes reality.

Open Baffle Speaker exploration PART I
Another design concept in the Zen Zone

Design notes for the ZP3
The Zen Triode Phono Stage - Anniversary edition

2006 Decware ZenFest report
Our annual event keeps getting better

Design notes for the NFX Loudspeaker
The Zen Triode Phono Stage - Anniversary edition

Design notes for the CSP2
Our new preamp / OTL headphone amp - Anniversary edition

New amplifier platform
Decware kicks it up a notch!

Decware Full Range Driver
Previously FE206EM / now the new DFR-8!

Good Sound / Bad Sound
Why it happens and how to deal with hit.

Ideas for all tube home theater
It can be simpler then you think.

The Whole Deal with Power Cords
Do they make a difference or not.

The TORII Mk II design notes
This documents the design of our best amplifier.

The TABOO design notes
This documents the design of our production model.

The TABOO of amplifier design
A glimpse into the early design process of our new amp.

Design notes on the ZBox
Motivations behind it and how it works

Design notes on the SE84CSP
An actual story about the final testing with a surprise ending

How to choose the right preamp
This should clear things up for you when you consider preamps

New SE34I design notes
A comparison between the original SE34I and new SE34I.2

My Epiphanies
A snapshot into the design process

The EX mods
How to know if you would benefit from them.

Where's the fuse?
How to find and change the fuse on a Decware amplifier.

Preamps - Do they help or hurt the sound
Type A, type B and type C.

Understand High-Efficiency Full-Range Drivers
Arm yourself with a little knowledge.

The Headphone Advantage
If you don't have a great headphone setup read this.

The Real Magic Behind our Signatures
The best sound I've achieved to date.

Principle of the Decware Phase Guide
New technology used in our HDT speakers.

Designs in Wood
Picture article about our speaker manufacturing.

Signature Zen Triode Monoblocks
Design notes on our original signature amp.

Troubleshooting Hum Problems
Usually it's not the amp but something else.

Audiophile Review
The quest for perfection - Radials with Zen Triodes.

Room Treatments Where do I start?
An introduction and overview of room treatments.

Lowther DX55
A diary of its full range implementation - invention of the GIZMO !

Our 1st review experience
Why you don't find our stuff in the big hi-end magazines.

Decware Corner Horn
This is a .pdf file of my first serious white paper.

Holographic Imaging
Using imaging as a benchmark for evaluating amplifiers.

Power of Suggestion
Hilarious observation about tweaks for your stereo

What is absolute accuracy in high fidelity land?

Optimal Listening Room dimensions
You could be sitting in a potentially perfect room and not know it.

Output transformers
Think you'll improve our amps with "better" transformers?

Dynamic Range
Most people think dynamic range requires lots of power...

White Paper
White paper on the original Zen Triode Phono Stage.

White Paper
White paper on the original Radial Loudspeaker

Diary of a Phono Stage
Designer's log of the soon to be released Zen Triode Phono Stage.

Starting to show up everywhere - overdone "buzzword?"

The Paradox between Recording & Playback
An article about creating a home studio and becoming a musician

Needle or DAC, resolution and the signal's intent
Snapshot from our audio forum

The Potential of CD's vs. LP's
If you're one who's actively chasing the magic in audio, read this.

The Grand Illusion
A paper on high fidelity playback systems

What's Going On Up There
A response to ultrasonic frequency response in the new digital formats.

From A to C, a new Zen amp history
The Zen amp explained with an overview of past revisions.

Pentodes, Triodes & "Fake" triodes
Discover how dangerous assumptions can be.

How component speed effects musicality
Some insight on choosing musical components that sound good together.

How to setup a room without treatment
Another must read for anyone setting up a dedicated or semi-dedicated room.

How to design a speaker
A must read for someone who wants an exceptional sounding speaker.

Audiophiles in America
Poking fun at the weenies.

Zen Amp RMS power mystery unraveled
Another cry in the wilderness from the lonely Zen master.

SPL (Sound Pressure Levels)
Bet you didn't realize this was possible and happening all over today..

Something really cool
If you could see sound quality with your eyes.

The Magic Hour PART II
A continuation of one of the larger mysteries in audio.

My old listening room
Transition from a casual listening room to a more serious listening room.

Some thoughts about listening rooms
Find out what side of the fence your on.

Tubes vs. Transistors
Someone wrote me a great email... and the debate begins!

Tubes vs. Transistors PART II
A lengthy continuation consisting of the second set of replies. Great Stuff.

Direct vs. Reflected Energy
An understanding of how speakers image or don't image in your room.

The Nutcracker
What is wrong with these people?

Audio Paradoxes
Why does the underdog ALWAYS sound better around here?

The magic hour
An examination of the mystery of the middle of the night bloom!

Are we all Crazy?
A personal cry for improvement from your worry webmaster!

Tweaks for your speakers
Find out why do it yourself speakers can sound so good

  The Zen Amp - this is where it all began.



Insights about subwoofers
An paper that explains what a subwoofer is, and how to properly use one.

Speaker Tips
Explains what junk speakers are


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