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The Zen Triode Amp!

So far over 850 (and counting) people have risen past the audio hype and purchased one.

Designed for maximum fidelity without any of the frills. We sell it at cost, factory direct, because it's our debut product and we're anxious to prove something to you (not because it's cheap!)

the first two years that we've been lovingly hand building the Zen Triode, many beginning or broke audiophiles have discovered its magic. Shortly thereafter, curiosity has gotten the best of seasoned audiophiles who after auditioning a Zen, have kicked their 'trendy' high dollar 300B and 2A3 amplifiers to the curb.

If you're in a hurry, See the Reviews !

With literally 100's of rave reviews all over the internet (and in print) and three revisions, we've come to the conclusions that if it's push-pull, has circuit boards, or is solid state it probably doesn't stand a fair chance against a Zen Triode.

Factory direct price of

Comes with a 30 day home trial and
a money back guarantee!

Lifetime parts and labor warranty to the original owner!

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A stereo amplifier with just a few watts per channel of Pure Class A Single Ended Triode. Wired point to point in a symetrical layout, parts leads elimate hook-up wire. In fact this amplifier has only 11 solder points between the input and output jacks making it simpler and more direct than a single op-amp.

With our own custom output transformers it drives low impedance loads down to 1 ohm with grace, works on speakers of 90dB or higher, and features a volume control on the back eliminating the need for a preamp.

It uses a special output tube called the SV83 by Svetlana which in this amplifier is faster than any other tube we've heard including 300B's. It is compatible with all EL84/6BQ5 tubes as well, making it cost less than $30 to re-tube using either type!


You will find it can hold it's own against amplifiers costing thousands of dollars, and be a source of amazement (an possibly irritation) to all of your audiophile friends!

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Some companies are marketing similar copies of

our Zen Triode Amplifier and even selling it for a similar price.

Please Accept No Substitutes,
especially now - while you can still get the real thing.

-Steve Deckert

Zen amp survives a train wreck!

With our world voltage compatible transformers, you can enjoy a Zen Triode Amplifier no matter what country you're from!


Zen Triode Kits are also available!

Since the first Zen amp sale, we have made the parts available with schematic for skilled amp builders. Along the way we created a large pictoral of online assembly instrucions where you can see what it's like to crawl inside a Zen Triode Amplifier!

The original Zen shop where the project started in 1996


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"Zen puts the imaging capabilities of most tube amps way in the back seat!

... I can't honestly say I've heard any better."

-Dave Lancaster, Detail Audio 

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